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I have never been a big fan of the winter months. It’s just too cold, both indoors and out, and it’s hard to get around if there is ice and snow on the ground.
Well, it seems that the things I used to dislike about winter are now the things I like best — now that I am a knitter.

Is the weather too cold? Great, I can finally wear those warm sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens and socks I have been knitting for the past nine months.
Icy conditions on the road? So now I have a great excuse to just stay in and knit to my heart’s content. I am never bored when I am knitting. There is always some new project to work on. And there are plenty of good movies and audio books to accompany those big projects.

Here are some of the projects I am working on this January:

Einstein Coat by Sally Melville – Knit Stitch By Sally Melville The small white coat is a practice piece, called the Baby Albert Jacket that I completed over one year ago. Now I am ready for to start knitting an Einstein Coat for me out of some dark red Icelandic wool that I have been saving.

Cabled Afghan by Edie Eckman – Cabled Afghan Knit Along on
Creativebug.com. Here are my fifteen squares completed to date. I still have five squares to go. And then the blocking and seaming…

Icelandic Slipper Socks – my own pattern. I finished this project in two days using left over sock yarn. I need to make more of these. I wear them every night and sometimes during the day. The pattern for these will be available on Ravelry soon.

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