Knitting Tours in Ireland – Knitting Community and Connections

Knitting has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years. According to research conducted by the Association for Creative Industries, a trade association that represents producers of creative arts products, more than 28 million Americans participated in knitting and crochet activities in 2016. And this growth popularity is reflected across every age group [...]

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In Praise of the Simple Granny Square

I consider myself an experienced knitter. I am pretty sure that I have spent somewhere between 7000 and 10,000 hours over the past 10 years working on some knitting project or another. I have experimented with color work, cables, lace, and sock techniques. The projects that used to seem like a challenge are now my [...]

Knitting Tips

Keep a small gage circular needle in your project bag. I use a 2.0 mm 16” circular needle to pick up a row after ripping back several rows or rounds. This can also be used in place of a stitch holder. Just let the two ends hang down in front and out of your way. [...]

Best Travel Projects

[Click to download PDF] Whenever I fly to Ireland, I always pack a knitting project to work on during the long wait at the airport terminal. There is usually a minimum of two hours between the time I check in at the gate and the time the flight actually boards - even more waiting time [...]

2016 Knitting Goals

[Click to download PDF] Sure, everyone else is resolving to lose weight or work less in the new year. But you have greater goals, and they all revolve around your favorite hobby - knitting! Here are my knitting goals: -Learn a new technique -Use some of my stash (just some) -Buy more yarn (because I [...]