About your Ireland RnR Knitting Retreat Host:  Victoria Christie-Healy


Victoria has been knitting since childhood. Her first fascination with knitting began with the older lady who lived next door. Her name was Mamie Guthrie, a native of Killarney, Ireland. She used to sit on her front porch and knit for hours each day. At age six, Victoria enjoyed watching beautiful knit garments come to life in Mamie’s hands and hearing stories about her childhood in Ireland.

Victoria’s career as a knitting teacher started at the Reston Community Center in 2009. She has taught many women (and some men) how to knit.  Victoria and her husband/business partner Mike have recently relocated to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Mike and Victoria decided to start this Ireland Tour business after the successful Ireland mini-reunion with his West Point classmates in 2012. Since then we have hosted over 400 guests in County Killarney and County Cork

Each year, we are adding more tours to new and interesting places in Ireland. The number of our tours has continued to grow each season. I don’t know the exact reason for our success so far, but if I were to venture a guess, it would be the following:

  1. We choose the best hotel we can find for comfort, luxury and great service with a professional hotel staff. Since we are spending six nights in the same place, it needs to be top notch. And we make sure it is central to the top attractions of the area.
  2. Our day trips are fun and interesting but not too far from the hotel where we are staying. Our goal is to spend more time enjoying the places we visit, and less time riding to and from these attractions.
  3. We strive to hire the best coach company we can find and the best driver. We offer complete ground transportation to and from the airport, day trips and some evening shuttles.
  4. We keep our groups on the small side and we tailor them to common interests such as: graduated from the same college; live in the same community; enjoy the same interests (gardening, crafts, etc.)
  5. As the years go on, we take any lessons learned and put them into practice. Safety comes first, then comfort and fun.  After our many trips to Ireland since 2012, we have gotten to know some great entertainment and educational venues, that were not available to us at first. We delight in sharing these new finds with our guests.
  6. And lastly there is our Value Proposition, as Mike likes to call it. We keep the quality of everything we offer at the highest level we can find, while offering our land package tours at a very good price. All we ask is that you have a great time and let us know if we can do something more to make that happen.

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Instructor Endorsements and Testimonials

“I started knitting just a couple of years ago by taking one of Victoria’s community center classes. The class was so much fun that I went on to take five more sessions from her. The fact that Victoria was able to teach me how to knit is a testament to her patience and teaching skills. Thanks, Victoria, for hanging in there with me and for making knitting such a wonderful experience!”    – Kittie Rothschild, Herndon, Virginia.

“Victoria knows everything there is about knitting! I met her through a mutual friend and after the very first time she had me knitting! I had always wanted to know how to knit and she was able to explain it so easily to me that I was knitting that day! She’s very patient and can explain knitting in a way that anyone can understand. And she’s really fun to be around!” – Marya A., Sterling, Virginia.